Monday, July 9, 2012

Ruffle Onsies Dresses

For the 4th of July, I decided I wanted to make the girls cute dresses. I didn't want the dresses to be worn just for that day so I used red, white and blue but in a way they could be worn again after Independence day. I used the same tutorial I followed for the tank top dresses as a guide but did my own twists. Here are my pictures and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I will respond as soon as possible.
- 2 onesies (size 6 and 24 months)
- Fabric (I basically used scraps I already had)
- 2 buttons (for the fabric flower)
Cut and iron the fabric for the ruffle skirt. For the 24 months dress I cut 2 strips. 1 - 5x40 and 1 - 8x40 (the length of the fabric I had was 40" so that's what I used). For the 6 months dress I cut 1 strip 5x40.

Hem the strips by folding 1/4 inch along the long edge and iron then 1/4 inch again, iron. Stitch in place. 
Sew a stitch along the opposite edge using the longest stitch setting - do not back stitch. Pull the bobbin thread to gather your fabric until your desire length (about twice the width of your onesie).
Fold the strips (right side facing) and stitch the side.

Turn the skirt inside out and pin in place to the onesie.

Stitch the skirt to the top.

Admire your hard work. 

At this point you could stop. But...I wasn't completely satisfied with it just yet so I brainstormed for a while. Went to bed and the next day with wheels still turning I played with it until I got what I wanted. Tried with a bow. I made them using this bow tie tutorial

Super cute but I wanted something more. And decided to add ruffles by cutting a long strip of fabric. About 1 inch wide by 40 inches long. Sew a stitch through the middle using the longest setting (like I did for the skirt). My fabric was light so it started gathering on its own when doing the stitch...lucky me. If yours doesn't just pull the bobbin thread to gather.

Pin the ruffles to the dresses the way you want them and sew in place. 
Add a flower if you want using my tutorial and you are done! Sit back while enjoying a cold lemonade (like I did) and admire your beautiful easy hot weather dresses. Happy Summer!

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