Saturday, June 23, 2012

Latest Sewing Projects.

So my latest "crafty" endeavour is sewing. I had never done it before and so I asked my husband for a sewing machine for Thanksgiving LOL. I asked for an inexpensive one because I wasn't sure I would know how to do it given that I had never even touched one before in my life. But I tend to think I can do everything I set my mind to do. So I have been slowly teaching myself how to do it. I first made panels for my youngest daughter's nursery. They turned out cute - not perfect but cute. Then, we were taking a quick trip to visit friends and family and in an attempt to make gifts a bit more personal, I decided to make the gifts myself. Most of my friends have girls so what a perfect occasion to make pillowcase dresses. Definitely one of my favorite styles of little girls' dresses but also the easiest to make for beginners. I also made tank top dresses by adding a ruffle skirt to a store bought tank top. Super cute and equally easy. So here are my final products. Completely forgot to take proper pictures but I had some on my phone I took along the way to send to my friend back home. For the pillowcase dresses, I used this tutorial Easiest Pillowcase Dress Ever and had a girl I know embroider the names and initials for me.

For the tank top dress I used Easy Ruffle Dress. And what can you tell me about the adorable little girls wearing the dresses? The brunette and the one with red hair are twins - how beautiful are they? And then the one with dark hair is my oldest daughter - my beautiful princess. I made one for my youngest daughter but she was in the carrier the whole time she wore it so no pictures of her. What do you all think?

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