Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making it personal.

I definitely love personalization and monograms so I try to use our initials or the whole name as much as possible. Especially when it comes to home decor. My youngest daughter has her name spelled out over the crib (using wood letters from hobby lobby, glue and scrapbook paper. Then hung from ribbons). I also decorated a V with the colors of Fall for my daughter's birthday party as you probably saw in my post about it.
My latest project was a C (our last name's initial) wrapped with twine to hang on the front door and a C covered with wine corks for the kitchen. For years, I've been saving our wine corks. I knew I could do something with them but I never wrapped my head around it until I saw a friend that pinned the coolest idea on pinterest. It was a letter covered with wine corks so of course, I had to recreate it.
So here is a quick explanation of what I did if you want to do something similar.
Wine Cork Initial:
- Wine Corks
- Hot glue gone
- Any letter of your choice from a craft store. I used a 12" wood letter from Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby.
All I did was glue the corks onto the letter. It was a bit tricky to decide which cork would fit in a row so I did it without glue at first and then I hot glued them to the wood. Super easy.

Wall hanging Decor
-  Styrofoam board from Hobby Lobby
- Hot glue
- Twine
- Ribbon of your choice to hang the letter
- Ribbon of your choice to make the ribbon roses
I drew a C onto the styrofoam. I did it without a guide but you could print out a letter from your computer and use it to draw it onto the board. It will be an extra step but it will turn out great. When cutting the styrofoam, make sure to use a super sharp knife and then sand the edges to sort of clean up the tiny foam pieces that fly everywhere as you cut. Also, you might want to do this outside as it is messy.
Once the letter is ready, start wrapping with the twine. At the beginning of this process, I used the hot glue to hold in place the end of it. Then in my case, I used the glue in the curves of the letter. You keep wrapping until it's all covered and then glue the end of the twine to hold in place. Then I added a green ribbon to hang it from using hot glue. The ribbon roses I made using this tutorial Ribbon Rose Tutorial.

***Note: The idea of this door hanging decor is that I figured that because twine is a neutral color, I can exchange the decor (flowers and ribbons) according to the season. For Spring, I decided to use green, yellow, pink and purple. For Summer I want to use Tiffany blue and white (polka dotted or striped ribbons come to my head).

I hope these were helpful and get your creativity rolling. If you have questions, please let me know.

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