Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Week's Menu

I've realized that by coming up with a menu for the week ahead before going grocery shopping is a huge time saver. It makes it a lot easier to come home after work and know exactly what to make rather than stand in front of the pantry or fridge trying to come up with something. The dishes I pick for each week are all over the place - from Latin American to European flavor - it makes it more interesting :). The only drawback could I possibly lose weight if I keep cooking all these dishes? Not sure - definitely a dilemma. So here is the menu...

Sunday - Stuffed Jalapenos, Entomatadas - my version: (shredded chicken wrapped in a corn tortilla baked and serve with tomato-chipotle sauce and cheese), Chile Relleno, Refried Beans and Rice.

Monday: Breakfast - Toast with peanut butter. Dinner - French Onion Soup and Chicken & Cream Crepes.

Tuesday: Breakfast - Crepes stuffed with plain yogurt with a touch of honey, sliced bananas and raspberries. Dinner - Turkey Meatballs and spaghetti.

Wednesday: Breakfast - Burritos (whole wheat tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs with salsa, cheese & turkey sausage). Dinner - Black Beans Soup and Quezadillas

Thursday: Breakfast - Turkey wrap with jalapeno cream cheese. Dinner - Sheppard's pie at my friend's house and I am bringing spinach salad.

Friday: Taking the day off!

Thanks for looking!

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