Monday, August 10, 2009

What an inspiration!

For a while - the idea of cooking for a living has been bugging me. I have mentioned it to some friends and my husband and they all think I should do it. All I can think about is food. Sometimes I get insecure thinking - do I really know how to cook? Do I really do it well? But then I think - I truly truly love the art of cooking and that's all that matters. Of course it helps that some people do think I do it well - my guinea pig and dear hubby included.

On the other hand, I could use learning a few things. For instance, I have a problem following directions - I seem to have a VERY difficult time measuring things when I cook. I just like throwing ingredients together and creating something delicious. Measuring to me seems like a waste of time and dirtying more dishes - hahaha
So going back to the title of this post - I am inspired! Yesterday I went to see one of the best movies I've seen this year (except for the hangover but that's another post). I went to see Julie & Julia - what an inspiration that was. I then decided to take my blog more seriously - I created it a while back and don't post things often enough. But after the movie, I decided that I will post and share with all of you my measureless recipes and pics of my creations. Creations that are modified recipes that I read and the ingredients stay in my head until the moment I decide to go into the kitchen - see what I have available and make a meal. That to me is the most relaxing, most wonderful thing to do.

Which brings me to last night - I was so inspired that I decided to make tomato basil bruschetta. I also made a chunky tomato sauce with portabello mushrooms and spinach served over pasta and baked a delicious blueberry lemon bread. This bread was so beautiful that I should take a picture of one slice (if it's not already gone by then). I will for sure post the recipe - it is a recipe I got from one of my good friends who I will call Captain Beauty.

Stay tuned...

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