Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Came Into My Kitchen

Spring is finally here!!! It's funny how many months we spend complaining of how cold it is during the Winter - today, it actually felt a little too warm (at least to me). It was in the 80s and the hot weather inspired me to make a very "springy" meal. What better way than to cook with lots of veggies, fish and fruit to celebrate such a beautiful season? My kitchen and I shared the secrets of a complete made up meal (except the cake which I had to force myself to follow instructions...I have to admit I cheated a bit and didn't pay too much attention to measurements - oops). But after all it was truly delightful and the cake is decadent with the strawberry filling I came up with - a combination of sweetness (maybe a tad too sweet) and creaminess that is to die for!

- Baked Citric Salmon on a bed of warm orzo and vegetables salad

Can't beat the color of this dish - it brings a smile to my face!

- Strawberry Torte

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